DEADF700? Stuxnet!

The whole world seems to be concerned about this new worm... I think it was Stuxnet. Meanwhile a (hex?) pattern is putting the cat among the pigeons. Its about DEADF700. What could this be? The word is that it is the last command Stuxnet is waiting for. The last command before what? Before the whole building explodes? Let's come back to one's senses.

Some translations:

  • Text: Þ­p
  • Binary: 11011110 10101101 11110111 00000000
  • Base64: 3q33AA==
  • DEC / Char: 222 173 247 0
  • MD2: 19844451167c6038fde316f1a4fadd7d
  • MD4: 864e882437c8324c06d485b3e505ab8d
  • MD5: 06f14a8de09a925e124034e457ce55a2
  • SHA1: fac6dd07345c0f7f23ab2cf7506bedcf33e4b451
  • RIPEMD-160: 08edfc88ccd3c2b0187e03bcf8b72894e8fd7908

Sooooo ?!? Perhaps I don't see the wood for the trees. If you got some hints, PLEASE drop me a mail and help me solve this mystery.

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2010-09-27 00:00
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