Automatic file uploads

Uploading files in web applications iw nowadays a common feature. Being able to automate this steps using Burp, Curl, Python & Co. doesn't seem to be an easy task. Basically the automation involves following steps:

  • for a given directory of files, repeat the request for each file
  • have a look for the status responses to detect anomalies

In Burp you're allowed to copy a certain request as curl command which simplifies things. Given a POST request Burp will convert it to a valid curl command like:

curl -i -X 'POST' \
    -H <Header 1> \
    -H <Header 2> \
    --data-binary $'-----------------------------12271989442246301301198248013\x0d\x0aContent-Disposition: form-data; name=\"name\"\x0d\x0a\x0d\x0a<name of file>\x0d\x0a-----------------------------12271989442246301301198248013\x0d\x0aContent-Disposition: form-data; name=\"attachment\"; filename=\"<NAME OF FILE>\"\x0d\x0aContent-Type: image/jpeg\x0d\x0a\x0d\x0a\<CONTENT OF FILE>\x0d\x0a-----------------------------12271989442246301301198248013--\x0d\x0a
    <target url> 

Having tried this neat Burp feature, I can tell you that the curl commands won't trigger the same requests as in Burp. I don't know why nor I have not investigated this further. Modifying the curl script will definitely cause you some headaches. Using Python and requests will help you automate your file uploads in a easy way. Here is my gist:

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2016-08-26 00:00
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