Gentoo, systemd, consolekit, udev and some failed system update
Links of the Week #9
Dinge, die ein Informatikerstudent niemals sagen würde
2013-06-26 blog misc german studium
Links of the Week #5
Links of the Week #4
2013-06-07 LOW misc ssh coding google 2fa linux vim
Links of the Week #2
2013-05-24 LOW exploit x86 hacker appsec misc
Think before you type part 2
2011-02-26 blog wtf misc
DEADF700? Stuxnet!
2010-09-27 blog wtf malware misc
Its time to say goodbye! RIP 2010-07!
2010-07-29 blog misc hardware
Sommersemester 2010 online!
2010-07-26 blog misc german studium
Bildungsforschung? Rechtschreibung waere besser
2010-05-14 blog wtf german misc
Torrents over TOR?! Don't!
Inside the mind of a Russian hacker
2010-03-11 blog misc hacking
Keep your system up2date!
2009-09-07 blog misc netbsd admin update
NetBSD, kernel downgrade and some voodoo!
2009-08-20 blog misc netbsd update