Links of the Week #23
HowTo: Automate nmap scanning
Introducing Links of the Week (LOW) #1
2013-05-17 LOW malware linux skype xss tools
HowTo: Split MP3s by silence detection using mp3splt
2012-04-01 notes media mp3 tools
Thank God there is iodine! IPv4 over DNS
HowTo: Convert MTS to MKV using tsMuxeR and ffmpeg
2011-06-28 notes video media howto tools
Simple MAC address generator
2009-10-14 notes networking tools
HowTo: SSH-Tunnel over CorkScrew using Tor
icmpKNOCK - ICMP port knocking server
CoWPAtty 4.2 for NetBSD
2009-07-22 notes security netbsd tools
HowTo: RsynCrypto - The backup jewel