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2014-06-29 blog whatsapp wtf misc
Gentoo, systemd, consolekit, udev and some failed system update
Need any sh3ll?
2011-12-19 blog wtf
Die stinkenden Informatiker
2011-11-12 blog wtf german studium
Think before you type part 2
2011-02-26 blog wtf misc
How to compile Robert you suck ^^
2010-09-30 blog wtf
DEADF700? Stuxnet!
2010-09-27 blog wtf malware misc
The Ac1db1tch3z exploit and "Robert you suck" thingie
2010-09-17 blog security wtf
Bildungsforschung? Rechtschreibung waere besser
2010-05-14 blog wtf german misc
rm -rf / and some kernel panic
2010-03-26 blog wtf netbsd kernel
Pidgin stores account data in plaintext!
2009-11-23 blog wtf security