My own cheap NAS – the OpenWRT way

Introducing my TP-Link TL-WR1043ND:

TP Link


  • OS: Linux OpenWrt #1 Fri Nov 19 20:27:50 PST 2010 mips GNU/Linux
  • CPU
    system type             : Atheros AR9132 rev 2
    machine                 : TP-LINK TL-WR1043ND
    processor               : 0
    cpu model               : MIPS 24Kc V7.4


[email protected]:~# df -Ph
Filesystem                Size      Used Available Capacity Mounted on
/dev/root                 2.1M      2.1M         0 100% /rom
tmpfs                    14.4M    232.0K     14.2M   2% /tmp
tmpfs                   512.0K         0    512.0K   0% /dev
/dev/sda1                 1.8G     64.6M      1.8G   3% /overlay
mini_fo:/overlay          2.1M      2.1M         0 100% /

As you can see a USB-Hub is attached along with a 2GB USB-Stick. I used it to store my rootfs on external storage [1]. Additionally my 2TB external hard drived is attached to the device so I can access the data per NFS [2].

TP Link


These are my firewall [3] rules:

[email protected]:~# cat /etc/firewall.user 
# This file is interpreted as shell script.
# Put your custom iptables rules here, they will
# be executed with each firewall (re-)start.

# ssh from outside
$IPT -I input -j ACCEPT -i eth0.2 -s xxx -p tcp --dport 22
$IPT -I input -j ACCEPT -i eth0.2 -s xxx -p udp --dport 22

# portmap
$IPT -I INPUT -j ACCEPT -i eth0.2 -s $NET_LAN -p tcp --dport 111
$IPT -I INPUT -j ACCEPT -i eth0.2 -s $NET_LAN -p udp --dport 111

# nfsd
$IPT -I INPUT -j ACCEPT -i eth0.1 -s $NET_LAN -p tcp --dport 32777:32780
$IPT -I INPUT -j ACCEPT -i eth0.1 -s $NET_LAN -p udp --dport 32777:32780

# minidlna
$IPT -I INPUT -j ACCEPT -i eth0.2 -s $NET_LAN -p tcp --dport 8200
$IPT -I INPUT -j ACCEPT -i eth0.2 -s $NET_LAN -p udp --dport 8200

What about speed?

TP Link speed

In general you won't get more than 5.60MB/s. It depends on your drives read/write speed and the connection. In my case I was using WLAN which was slower than normal LAN connectivity.  But that's fine with me.


Awesome device with great features! Check out  for more information. The devices price is about 50€ which is a fair one.






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