1. How the Prime Meridian Changed the World: Not technical stuff but worth reading.
  2. OpenSSH keys and the drunken bishop: Ever wondered about that visual fingerprint when generating SSH keys? Well this article brings some light on that. I’ve tried on my own and that’s fun:
    $ ssh -o VisualHostKey=yes [email protected] -p 1337
    Host key fingerprint is xxxxx
    +--[ RSA 2048]----+
    |        ..       |
    |  .    ..        |
    | o  . o. .       |
    |. o. o =o        |
    | o..  =.S        |
    |...  ...         |
    |o=.   ..         |
    |Eo.  .  .        |
    | .o.  ..         |
  1. The effects of computer programming on the brain: I should be worried about that. Are YOU addicted to programming? Just in case, let me know…
  2. http://www.blackhatlibrary.net/Shellcodecs: Useful collection.
  3. Use Google Authenticator For Two-Factor SSH Authentication in Linux: Add 2-factor authentication to your SSH linux server. 2-Factor auth seems to be quite trendy these days…
  4. Call For Papers – Balkan Computer Congress 2013: My favourite anecdote related to this one: “… and because we’re from Eastern Europe we like break things and stuff.” (some SAP guy :-))
  5. Emacs is dead: Old but worth mentioning it. I’ve never used Emacs btw. I’m a VIM lover since my birth.
  6. Letter To A Young Programmer Considering A Startup: “I regularly get emails from young people, usually those with an interest in programming, who are trying to make decisions about school and/or their professional futures. This post is for those young people.


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