Add Lightbox2 functionalities to WYSIWYG editor TinyMCE - who thought this would cost me about 6 hours of work? In fact that was the easiest part: I just followed the instructions on and everything worked well! Before being able to do that, some upgrades were necessary. On I was told that the module was deprecated and replaced by the Wysiwyg API. So I had to remove the old TinyMCE module, install the new one and add at least one editor library as described on The installation went almost fine. I was able to create a new WYSIWYG profile and adjust settings on admin/settings/wysiwyg/profile. Then I was curios enought to test it using node/add/articles. Nothing happened… No TinyMCE… No WYS*&%SHIT!

So what went wrong? You won’t believe me! The main cause was a missing:

<?php print $closure; >

in the page.tpl.php. What the heck?! Finally the whole voodoo thing developed into a struggle and I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. After hours of errors seeking I was able to diagnose the 2nd main cause: The whole caching system was kind of messy. I came into Drupals drupal_rebuild_theme_registry() function and cleaned up the theme registry. What came next? TinyMCE’s JavaScript files were successfully loaded into the page!!! HAPPY END!