Today I found a very interesting article about geoposition localisation based on MAC addresses. MAC addresses ? Yeah, right! As securiteam described here it is possible to find out your location using Google’s Location Services REST API. Further information can be found on Dinis Cruz blog. But where is all the data coming from? You may also have noticed Google’s Street View cars scanning your neighborhood for WLAN access points. Oh, I have forgotten about that: It wasn’t Google’s intention as stated here. So MAC source no. 1 is identified. What about the rest? Somehow this equation has to make sense:

HotSpot/Wlan + GPS + Google =  Your LOCATION!

Got it? No? It’s your mobile phone which reveals your location. Next question should be: Why does Google known about my GPS position and the WLAN router I’m using? Well because you’re using house made products like Android. So dear Android users: It’s about time to ponder about your own privacy.