It started with the audio book but soon I’ve realized there is so much valuable content in it I cannot extract by just seeking forward and backward. Finally I’ve ordered a physical copy so I can dedicate even more time digesting the content and putting everything into my personal Zettelkasten.



The main idea is to adopt a philosphy of conscious use of digital tools and technologies instead of letting them dictate how we spend our time and how we feel. We should be in charge of our daily experience and decisions how to extract the good from these technologies while side-stepping what’s bad. So called digital minimalists transform and use innovations from a source of distraction into something that supports their lives well lived.

The author lists 3 main principles with regards to “Digital Minimalism”:

High-quality leisure

You cannot expect an app dreamed up in a dorm room, or among the ping-pong tables of a Silicon Valley incubator, to successfully replace the types of rich interactions to which we’ve painstakingly adapted over millenia. Our society is simply too complex to be outsourced to a social network or reduced to instant messages and emojis. - Source

And because those “rich interactions” are essential to the well-being of our own sociality, following recommendations should be embraced:

Additional resources

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