I’ve been coding Python for almost one week. I really thank O’Reilly for their good quality and well structured books. If you ever plan to learn Python, just have a look at “Learning Python - 3rd Edition” by Mark Lutz. You’ll love it! And you’ll really get impressed and fascinated by Pythons vast functionalities like I did.

So what’s the big thing about Python? Well to be honest my answer is simply: Because it’s damn cool. Ok, don’t get me wrong, but once you started working with it, you’ll ask yourself why the #!?% in the world you didn’t do that earlier. When learning this script language, you’ll have to watch out for its viperish effect: Once it gets you, it will never let you loose. Ok, let’s get more serious.

Like already mentioned, I’m still a Python newbie. But there are some cool features worth to be mentioned:

So what are YOUR reasons? Why do YOU use Python? Just drop some comments..