I use Python on daily basis. I love IPython and use it as my main shell for every day tasks. So it was a matter of time until I got captivated by panda, scipy and numpy. I’ve ordered myself Python for Data Analysis in order to get more familiar with the mentioned libraries. Before that I used to semi-understand how their work and got used to that copy&paste mentality.

This book is not only about data analysis. It teaches you how to organize data bit by bit in order to get your data analyzed. It’s like “hacking” data the scientific way. Especially numpy has great features to re-structure data on your own needs. And because I’m a very visual personI like to visualize things and make relations between data components more evident. A whole chapter is dedicated to plotting and visualization.

I also liked the examples - you’ll get a lots of them - which range from small explanatory ones to entire financial analysis. That way I was able to apply my newly acquired knowledge and see real-world usage of the techniques.

This book is for every data hacker out there and not only. If you have to filter, group, sort your data in any way, this book will teach you how to that using Python. Go for it and order it now! :)